Start Integrated Testing by Gavin Pickin - CFMeetup #258 - Notes

Note: The following post is a rough draft of notes take after going through the presentation on Integrated Testing. It is likely one of a two part series, with the second part the experience of performing my first test. That will have to come later, however, as I have yet to write my first ColdBox App, a super top secret sports tracking application. :-)

"You're not really supposed to be programming now anyway."

There's a frustrating disconnect coming from legacy application management. It's the concept, known as waterfall, that dictates all requirements to be written up and signed off on prior to any development. 

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From Chatham to Chattanooga's Ironman 70.3 World Championships

I stood in shock the moment I found out I finished fourth in my age group in Ironman 70.3 Racine back in 2016, qualifying for the World Championships in Mooloolaba. So shocked, in fact, that before I realized what I was doing, I signed myself up to travel half way around the world to compete. It took 6 months to talk myself out of it. Neverthelss, it ignited a fire qualify once again when it made logistical sense. Enter Chattanooga.

Installing ColdFusion Builder 2018 and First Thoughts
Iron Butterfly on Duke Energy
Iron Butterfly on Duke Energy

So the TradeCaddie Twitter Feed, which is based on TradeCaddie's proprietary Technical Analysis Engine, showed Duke Energy (DUK) as a stagnant trade. So I looked at TradeCaddie's OCW to see what kinds of Stagnant trades are available. I settled on the Iron Butterfly.

Configuring Mura CMS's User Bridge
Configuring Mura CMS's User Bridge

Learning how to integrate Active Directory with Mura CMS.

The Bull Put - A Beautiful Credit Trade
The Bull Put - A Beautiful Credit Trade

It seems that I use the adjective "beautiful" to describe most types of trades. There is a symmetry and logic to each of them that makes them fun and smart to execute.

Reinstalling ColdFusion and some Quirky Permissions Issues

Notes on overcoming the permissions issues encountered when accounts were not automatically added.

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Can the four official meetings of Scrum fulfill stringent documentation requirements?

One of my goals as Uncertified ScrumMaster is to make sure Agile gets adopted in the web world. One of these impediments is the "lack of documentation" compared to waterfall.

Replacing Functional and Technical Overviews with Scrum's Artifacts

"Hidden scrum" within waterfall so as not to rock the boat (pardon the pun) can only take us so far. What if, by way of subterfuge, our system administrators (regarded by me as product owners) started to to incorporate User Stories to their Functional Overviews without even knowing it?

New Project - New Systems Admin turned Product Owner

Ongoing challenges of introducing Agile.

Installing ColdFusion Updates to Windows Servers
Installing ColdFusion 10 Update 12 to Windows Servers

Update 12 was released on November 12, 2013. My experience installing this update follows.

"Let's wrap up this Functional so that we can hand it over to IT by the end of the week."

This quote was overheard by yours truly today in a status meeting. Something's wrong here. How come I've not been introduced to the product until you're done with it?

Hiring programming consultants is an excellent way to get Scrum in the door.
Introduction to Scrum

I've never been satisfied or comfortable with how the governmental organization I work for manages the implementation of IT projects. So when I started hearing about Scrum, I was very interested. I wanted change, but not sure what it looked like. Ironically, these are the types of projects that Scrum is best suited for.