Installing ColdFusion Builder 2018 and First Thoughts

The installation went rather smoothly, and I like that some marketing thought was put into the installation wizard screens that sit with you while you wait.

Upon Installation

I also like the Getting Started Page - it looks revamped, but it doesn't resize when I expand the window to full size. 

None of that matters. What I want to see is something I can actually use that does not get in my way. Granted, I do a heck of a lot more management than I do coding, but it is still my job to standardize and dang it I want to standardize on CFB... but you gotta give me reasons.

Why the RIAForge link? Are we stil using that for Builder Extensions? If we are, that's fine.

... I think I just got my answer though ...

When I retire in five years from the gov't, I am going to seriously consider working for this marketing team to make these minor annoyances go away so that users can focus on what a robust product CF is.

Other issues on this welcome page include "Got a ColdFusion Questions?" I either have one question or multiple questions. Who proofs this stuff? 

If I hit "Sign In" button, I am now undefined:

OKay, I've signed in now, so I would expect the Sign In prompt to go away. It has not.

Yes, I have submitted this to Adobe's Bug Tracker